ADHD – Attention Problems and Treatment for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a cognitive and emotional processing problem that impacts children as well as adults. Psychotherapy can be effective for the treatment of ADHD. Psychotherapy can help with improving attention and concentration by processing personal, relationship, and historical stressors specific for each individual, which have been mostly unknown to the individual. I am an Adhd psychologist in Melbourne and my approach to ADHD treatment is tailored to each individual as we work together to identify and process these stressors that take up attentional resources. Weekly treatment sessions can increase your capacity to manage day to day stressors and support you in making better decisions rather than acting on impulses. Sometimes feelings, frustrations and distress have not been named, which continue to interfere with functioning, and can cause depressed mood, sleep problems and anxiety. ADHD treatment with me offers emotional containment where you feel safe to explore your anxieties regarding any aspect of your life. This can free up your cognitive resources and capacity for holding and processing information, handle emotions better and improve your social and occupational functioning over time.

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How ADHD may develop in children and adults

There are different theories that explain why someone might develop attentional difficulties later in life. Longitudinal studies have shown that children who have lived in unstable homes suffered from attentional difficulties at school and struggled with academic and job performance later. Some of the factors associated with the development of attentional difficulties include substance abuse, absence of psychological or physical safety for children in their immediate families, conflict and domestic violence. Adhd psychologists in melbourne can help children and adults make sense of these difficulties that cannot be resolved on their own.

In general the absence of emotionally available and supportive parental figures are very important for children’s cognitive and emotional development during their early childhood and formative years. One way in which attentional problems manifest in a child might be due to children who had to worry about one or both parents. Another factor might be children who have been raised in families of highly anxious parents or parents with a mental illness. These children can grow up to have difficulties in learning and work performance where concentration is required, have unstable intimate relationships, impulsivity, restlessness, low self-esteem and other problems.  Information on general ADHD symptoms