Fees, Rebates and Policies

Communication and Enquiries

I am unable to respond to text messages due to privacy and confidentiality laws.

I do not charge overheads (such as costs usually associated with using a receptionist) which keep fees lower. This means that communication is directly with myself regarding all matters, and enquiries are managed by following APS best practice guidelines (such as informed consent processes). It is expected that any enquiry, request or question regarding your treatment, appointment, or administrative matters are brought with you to your booked session time.

The best and easiest way to reach me is to request a confidential appointment by using the secured appointment request form and say a few words about your problem or request. Please note, the mobile number on this website is for existing patients. All enquiries relating to a new or discharged patient must follow the process of filling out the secured intake form on my website. Thank you.



Fees are payable at the time of consultation in cash or by card (a processing surcharge applies) or you can pay by bank transfer prior to your appointment. You do not need a GP referral to see me. You do not need to be diagnosed to access psychological support. Please note that without a valid referral from a GP, Medicare does not give a rebate. However, most private health funds do give rebates. Patients claim rebates directly with Medicare or their health fund using the receipts that I issue weekly.

Information for the public about private psychology fees (APS)

Medicare rebates

In order to be eligible for medicare rebates you must obtain a valid referral letter AND a mental health care plan from your GP. Please bring hard copies with you to your consultation. OR, you can email the documents to my secured email address that I provide in your consultation with me.

1. Obtain a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) – update: 9.10.2020

I am a Medicare provider for private psychology. If you want to use Medicare rebates, then you must ask your GP to create a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) for you. This plan gives you up to 20 rebated treatment sessions (for plans dated after 9.10.2020). This is an update to the medicare rules which came into effect as of 9.10.2020 announced in this year’s federal budget by the Australian Government. Previous to this date, patients could only access up to 10 rebates.

2. Obtain a valid referral letter

If you want to access Medicare rebates, then other than a mental health care plan, you also need to request a valid referral letter (requirements below) from your GP. This referral letter must state your diagnosis and the number (the first referral is for 6 rebates) of approved psychology sessions (i.e., a maximum of 6, a review, then 4, a review, and then another 10 if deemed eligible as of 9.10.2020).

According to the Department of Health website, referrals should include the following information:

  • Patient’s name
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • Patient’s residential address
  • Presenting problem
  • Diagnoses
  • List of current medications
  • Number of sessions referred (maximum 6 in the first referral)

Private insurance rebates

If your private medical health fund covers psychology, then you are eligible for private health rebates with me. Let me know and I will provide the right receipts to you.

Cancellation fee policy

All psychologists in private practice set their own fees and have a cancellation policy to facilitate the operation of their clinical services and are in accordance with the APS recommendations. It is expected that all patients accept a responsibility to attend sessions on time, reschedule or cancel within the cancellation timeframes (24 hrs Mon-Thurs 4:59 pm; changes to a Monday appointment must occur before Thursday 4:59 pm) /or pay the cancellation fee, which are discussed in the first session. Appointments are in high demand so this policy is to ensure that appointments are available for individuals who urgently need to see a psychologist. Moreover, a late cancellation means that the time cannot be given to someone else. The policy applies for any type of cancellation (e.g., not presenting, forgetting, being sick, clashing with some other appointment). The late cancellation fee is the full fee of the session.

Note: If you are sick, phone consultation may be offered at the standard consultation fees. You must request this in advance of your appointment time. Offering a phone consult is at the discretion of the psychologist only if deemed safe and clinically appropriate. Otherwise the cancellation fee policy applies.