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Bita Riazati is a Melbourne psychologist and psychoanalyst, with practice rooms in Hawthorn, offering tailored psychological interventions and psychoanalytic therapy. Other than cognitive therapies, I have trained as a psychoanalyst in Melbourne, with years of working in additional hours of clinical supervision in assessing and treating people suffering from a range of persisting and painful problems and crises.

Psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic therapy is a practical assessment and treatment method used by a trained psychoanalyst who might have other qualifications in another registered health profession. A psychologist in Melbourne may have trained in offering psychoanalytic treatment. Psychoanalytic treatments focus on exploring and understanding unconscious processes impacting someone’s reactions in any given situation – in particular the analytic situation. In this mode of working together, regular sessions are needed in developing the conditions required for this form of exploration. You set the pace for the treatment by saying everything that comes into your mind during the sessions.

The setting for treatment is important. Duration of the regular session times in Lacanian psychoanalytic treatment varies depending on patient needs. These factors are considered by your therapist to help in creating the conditions in which a patient’s unconscious starts to do the work. As an active person in your own treatment you will be guided to reflect on your own thoughts, questions, behaviours, responses and saying more about them. A deep reflective process which may help you learn about yourself and taking responsibility for what you may want to do differently.

Furthermore psychoanalytic treatments explore mental conflicts resulting in anxiety, dissatisfaction with life and other persisting problems. Sessions are on a weekly basis and involve ongoing or longer term work. Because issues implicating one’s being such as loneliness, anger, grief, intense feelings of guilt, shame or emptiness often persist and repeat in different forms in a person’s life… Read More

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The therapeutic process

Psychoanalytic treatment is most efficacious when patients attend treatment sessions on a regular and consistent basis. This factor has already been given consideration in the fees. Furthermore, due to the longstanding nature, complexity and severity of the issues I frequently treat, patients may need to attend sessions once or more during the week. This is discussed on a case by case basis during the sessions with you. We will discuss the particular requirements together in your sessions as your treatment progresses.

The initial sessions

A treatment is recommended based on a thorough assessment process which may involve broadly exploring aspects of your personality and history in the preliminary interviews. For example your family history, including past relationships and your interests. The preliminary discussions offer us an opportunity to understand your particular difficulties. Such as issues in friendships, or with partners or issues at work with colleagues. During the sessions and over the course of your treatment together we will work to explore your presenting issues, concerns and risks as these emerge in therapy. You are encouraged to bring questions and reflections to your booked session time. We will discuss your initial thoughts, difficulties and the process in the first consultation.

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Throughout our lives, particular events may give rise to intense emotional crises, which may be painful or have great costs to our being, sense of well-being and our existence. We may work together to explore the sources of your difficulty or distress, and what you may want to do about it using clinical psychoanalysis.

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The information that you provide in your self-referral informs the nature of my engagement with you.

Clinical assessments

Psychologists may be asked to write medicolegal or other clinical reports to form the basis of evidence in forensic settings, a legal hearing, a review or a tribunal. A psychologist may assess the psychological well-being, injuries or level of impairment of an individual. Sometimes I diagnose, advise on treatment prognosis and recommend on further treatment needs in reports. A need for a report can be discussed in a consultation, and all reports are charged at my hourly assessment fees. Please note that according to the GST rules, I am required to collect 10% GST on all assessment and treatment reports. Assessments may be undertaken in Persian as well as English.

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