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Psychology and Clinical Psychoanalysis Melbourne

Bita is a Psychologist and Psychoanalytic Therapist

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Bita Riazati offers psychology and clinical psychoanalysis in Hawthorn Melbourne – Treatments for anxiety, depression, attention issues (e.g., ADHD / ADD, procrastination), Complex Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD, victims of family violence, sexual abuse) – I also offer treatments to those suffering from intimacy, identity and relationship crises.Bookings >

I offer psychology and clinical psychoanalysis in Melbourne. My practice is informed by the work of the French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan. He expanded on the method of Sigmund Freud for the treatment of those suffering from  psychological conflicts, psychosomatic problems, anxieties, other neurotic or psychotic problems.



Psychoanalysis is a treatment method, which is practical in the sense that there is an attempt to answer a question, to solve a problem, or to cure somebody, or at least to address one’s suffering. But the other thing that psychoanalysis does is to enable somebody to speak. It is an attempt to create the conditions in which somebody can speak themselves as fully as possible. —Adam Phillips


Other than psychoanalysis, I have had extensive training in psychiatric management, assessment and treatment methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT). However, in my experience behavioural therapies often given short term results with effects that do not last. I prefer to work with the individual to help the person describe his or her problem or concern in his or her words, rather than symptoms or labels described in a medical manual.


Quality Provision Psychoanalyst Melbourne

Learning and personal development is a process, and I continue mine by attending clinical seminars, conferences and symposiums. I also present at some of the conferences. I receive supervision on my clinical practice regularly, so you can be certain that the highest level of care, quality and ethics has been applied to your treatment. I have also undergone my own training psychoanalysis for many years (+7 years), a requirement for the practice of clinical psychoanalysis, which has been in addition to my psychology training of 6 years. These efforts help me create a space where the focus is on your speech, and on your progress in the sessions.

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Qualifications and Background Lacanian Psychoanalyst

BMm, GDipPsych, BAppScPsych(Hons), MA, MPsych

I was trained in Melbourne (Australia) and I have lived in Europe and the Middle East. I have extensive cultural knowledge in treating individuals from migrant backgrounds. I obtained my Graduate Diploma and Honours in psychology from The University of Melbourne and RMIT. During my honours I developed an interest in researching memory processing. I completed a Masters in Arts at Swinburne and a Masters in Psychology at the Cairnmillar Institute.

I have previously worked as a clinician in schools, community mental health clinics and outreach, as well as addiction settings. Other than psychology and psychoanalysis in Melbourne, I have worked as a consultant in the education, corporate, not-for-profit and private and public health sectors for over 10 years, offering advice and support to clients, managers and executives regarding their staff, practices and needs.


I undertake professional development with a number of different organisations including the  Australian Psychological Society, the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis and the Lacan Circle of Australia in Melbourne.

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Clinical Services– Psychologist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in Hawthorn – anxiety depression complex trauma relationships and attentional problems

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