About Bita Riazati

Bita Riazati has years of consulting experience working in a range of clinical and professional settings. She has a broad and diverse clinical interest and life experience.

Bita Riazati

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Bita Riazati practices in Hawthorn, Melbourne
BMm, GDipPsych, BAppScPsych(Hons), MA, MProfPsych

Bita is a registered psychologist and a practicing psychoanalyst in Melbourne. She completed her clinical training in Melbourne, Australia and she has spent some of her life in Europe and the Middle East. Diverse life experiences have equipped Bita with the cultural knowledge to treat people from diverse backgrounds. She obtained a Graduate Diploma and a first Class Honours in psychology from The University of Melbourne and RMIT. During this time she completed an Honour’s research project with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health as part of a larger project investigating the factors involved in cognitive decline / memory, in particular the bio-markers of memory dysfunction in early dementia / Alzheimer’s disease.

She explored her academic interest in humanities, culture and history by completing a Masters in Arts from Swinburne University, where she investigated a research topic on the historical and cultural factors impacting social change structures in Afghanistan. She later completed her clinical training in psychology with a Masters from the Cairnmillar Institute and obtained her registration as a psychologist. Her desire lead her to psychoanalysis, where she completed further clinical training and professional development to increase her capacity to treat individuals suffering from a range of psychological and bodily concerns.

I have committed to years of training and personal development

Bita Riazati psychologist and psychoanalyst
Bita Riazati is a psychologist and clinical psychoanalyst in Melbourne.

Learning and development is an ongoing process, and I continue mine in a number of ways. Such as by attending seminars and symposiums and speaking at clinical events. I engage with ongoing clinical supervision to learn by reflecting on my clinical practice, as well as having also undergone my own psychoanalysis (+8 years), and returning to explore new issues or questions that arise in my work. This is a commitment to my desire to work in this field. Furthermore, other than the theoretical and clinical studies and training, one’s own psychoanalysis is a central condition for the practice of clinical psychoanalysis for all Lacanian psychoanalysts. This training has been in addition to my clinical training in psychology (6 years). My desire to listen without preconceived ideas about what you say guides my work. These efforts help me in creating a space where the focus is on your speech, your progress and what emerges for you, from the sessions.

Professional development

Other than peer supervision, I undertake professional development with a number of different organisations in Australia and abroad. Moreover, I regularly attend legal conferences and courses, and I am familiar with writing reports for court. I am also familiar with relevant family law frameworks.
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My professional experience prior to entering private practice

I have extensive clinical experience in assessing and treating children, adolescents and adults presenting with a range of complex psychiatric concerns, needs and mental health issues. Moreover, I have previously consulted within corporate, education, not for profit and public health sector settings.

Children and families

Prior to entering private practice, I developed my clinical interest by working with children, adolescents and their families. I have worked within educational settings offering assessment, interventions, and treatment to students who were referred by the school, presenting with diverse cognitive, social and emotional problems. About Bita Riazati’s areas of clinical interest

Assessing and treating adults

I explored my clinical interest in adult mental health, personality, trauma and addictions by working as a clinician within community mental health outpatient clinics and outreach settings. I offered tailored treatment and risk assessment / management in multidisciplinary teams. Individuals were referred from forensic services, detention, rehabilitation, community and hospital psychiatric units. About areas of clinical interest

Corporate consulting

Other than offering psychology and psychoanalysis in Melbourne, I have consulted extensively in the education, corporate, not-for-profit and private and public health sectors for over 10 years. I have supported leading health agencies and hospitals in reviewing clinical service delivery by offering advice and support to senior management and executives in order to improve process and response to patients, medical and non-medical staff. About what I offer