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Bita Riazati offers psychology and psychoanalysis in Hawthorn, Melbourne. M: 0433781919

Bita Riazati is a psychologist and psychoanalyst with practice rooms in Hawthorn, Melbourne. homepage

Hawthorn Psychology

Hawthorn psychology: Contact Bita to discuss a concern, or to explore an issue.

Psychologist in Hawthorn Offering Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Treatment

I am a registered psychologist in Hawthorn and a psychoanalyst, who had many years of advanced training and supervision in psychoanalysis and psychological therapies. I conduct diagnostic assessments and provide treatment to adults, children and adolescents.

In treatment, I invite you to speak freely and say everything that comes to your mind. I pay attention to your thoughts, wishes and what you say about your situation with openness and curiosity. Your free flowing speech enables me to listen to everything that you can say about yourself. Therefore each therapeutic engagement is very personal and unique. Together we work through your issues that emerge in therapy.

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Psychologists in Hawthorn Therapy for Longstanding Problems

I will work with anyone who wants to speak and to work through emerging issues. With this in mind, I have named a few areas where I am most frequently contacted.

Psychologist and psychoanalyst Hawthorn Melbourne
Bita Riazati psychologist in Hawthorn offers psychotherapy and psychoanalytic treatment.

People often see me for psychology in Hawthorn for anxiety and depression treatment. In addition people contact me for difficulties with intimacy, romantic relationships, or problems with professional relationships. Other areas consist of processing grief, loss, and exploring what might be behind the stress regarding one’s decisions. You might want to learn about the sources of your emotions such as frustration and anger.

Other problems might be distress arising from family relationships or past trauma. Moreover people tend to see me for personality traits or childhood factors that interfere with one’s daily life. These may present as chronic emptiness, thoughts of suicide, self worth, perfectionism and questions regarding one’s existence or identity problems.

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Experienced Hawthorn Psychologist For Diagnosed Disorders

Bita Riazati is a psychologist in Hawthorn private practice. Individuals suffering with mental difficulties such as bipolar, obsessive compulsive issues, persistent depression, addictions, sexual problems, men’s issues, body issues, severe anxiety disorders and panic disorder often refer to my practice.

My psychoanalytic understanding enables me to work with you to elucidate a range of longstanding issues. These may involve family dynamics, separation, questions regarding one’s parenting style, autism, attachment and childhood concerns. Medicare rebate may be available depending on your circumstance and diagnosis.

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Psychologist in Hawthorn: Working Together

Bita Riazati is an experienced psychologist in Hawthorn private practice, Melbourne. She offers psychological interventions and psychoanalytic therapy.

Other than cognitive therapies, Bita had extensive clinical training and supervision in assessing and treating people suffering from persisting, complex or severe problems.

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Psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic therapy is a practical assessment and treatment method used by a trained psychoanalyst who might have other qualifications in another registered health profession. Psychoanalytic treatments focus on understanding what might be behind a person’s emotions, difficulties, distress and behaviors in any given situation.

In this mode of working together, regular sessions are needed to develop the conditions necessary for this exploration. The patient sets their own pace for the treatment by saying everything that comes into their mind during the session.

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Your Therapy with the Psychologist in Hawthorn

Psychoanalytic treatments work over time, to allow space for reflection and exploration of difficulties as well as exploration of one’s strengths. Treatment duration in psychoanalytic treatment varies depending on the emerging issues.

Psychologist near hawthorn
Psychologist in Hawthorn and Inner East

As an active person in your own treatment you will be guided to reflect on your own behaviors, thoughts, questions, dreams and saying more about them. This may result in learning something different about yourself, your desire and taking responsibility for doing something different in your life.

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Time is a limited resource and one has to account for one’s contribution and being in life.

Furthermore psychoanalytic treatment may explore, or intend at resolving or addressing mental and interpersonal conflicts which can show as agitation and anxiety, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, irritability, impulsivity, inattention, and other persisting issues.

Sessions are on a weekly basis and involve ongoing or longer term work. Because issues implicating one’s being, such as loneliness or existential issues, anger, grief, intense guilt, shame or emptiness persist. These issues do not resolve on their own and without intervention, the issues repeat in various ways in a person’s life…

Psychoanalytic treatment is most efficacious when patients attend treatment sessions on a regular and consistent basis and as such the standard treatment session fee has been adjusted accordingly. Due to the longstanding nature, persistence, complexity or severity of the issues I frequently treat, patients often attend therapy once or more during the week. A commitment to one’s treatment is an important feature of this method of working together.

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Initial Sessions with Bita

A treatment is recommended based on a thorough assessment which may involve broadly exploring aspects of your personality and history in the preliminary interviews. For example your family history, including past relationships and your interests.

The preliminary discussions offer us an opportunity to understand your particular difficulties. Such as issues in friendships, or with partners or issues at work with colleagues. During the sessions and over the course of your treatment together we will explore your presenting issues, concerns and risks as these emerge in therapy.

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Throughout our lives, particular events may give rise to intense emotional crises, which may be painful or have great costs to our being, sense of well-being and our existence. We may work together to explore the sources of your difficulty or distress, and what you may want to do about it using clinical psychoanalysis.

Clinical Psychoanalyst Melbourne. Psychologist Hawthorn

You are encouraged to bring questions and reflections to your booked session time. We will discuss your initial thoughts regarding your difficulties in the first consultation.

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Clinical Assessments and Reports

Psychologists may be asked to write medicolegal or other clinical reports to form the basis of evidence in forensic settings, a legal hearing, a review or a tribunal. A psychologist may assess the psychological ‘well-being’, injuries or level of impairment of an individual.

Sometimes I diagnose, advise on treatment prognosis and recommend on further treatment needs in reports. A need for a report can be discussed in a consultation, and all reports are charged at my hourly assessment fees.

Please note that according to the GST rules, I am required to collect 10% GST on all assessment and treatment reports. I can conduct clinical, forensic, and immigration assessments in English or Persian.

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