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Bita Riazati Psychologist in Clinical Private Practice
Bilingual Psychologist – Persian Farsi English بیتا ریاضتی

My clinical practice is informed by the evidence and theory from the work of the French Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan. He extended on the method and techniques of Freud for the treatment of patients suffering from unconscious conflicts and other psychological concerns. Furthermore, I had extensive training in methods including Cognitive Behavioural therapies, Mindfulness and interpersonal therapies. Book an appointment with me in Hawthorn >


Clinical Approach

I offer an empathic service where you are invited to give voice to your concerns and be listened to deeply. Following an assessment of your problem, I will then discuss a treatment plan, which will continue to be adjusted based on an ongoing, evolving and collaborative formulation with you. I place utmost care and respect for ethics in my clinical work, and I offer treatment according to these ethics. More about my method >

 My approach is tailored to each individual client, as we get to learn something about your desire, your individual history and your needs


Continuing Professional Training

Learning and development is an ongoing process, and as registered psychologists we must stay up to date with the latest clinical research and best practice approaches and interventions. So I continue to refine my method and clinical practice by attending courses and clinical seminars with the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis. In addition to this, I have also undergone my own psychoanalysis for several years. Moreover, I receive regular secondary consultation on my clinical practice, so you can be certain that the highest level of care, quality and ethics has been applied to your treatment.  Psychology Today Profile 


Qualifications ۰ BMm, GDipPsych, BAppScPsych (Hons), MA, MProfPsych

I completed my clinical training in Melbourne, and I have extensive cultural knowledge in treating individuals from migrant backgrounds. I obtained my Graduate Diploma and Honours in psychology from The University of Melbourne and RMIT respectively. Furthermore, I completed my Master of Psychology with the Cairnmillar Institute. I have worked as a clinician in school, private practice and community mental health and addiction settings. Other than psychology and psychoanalysis, I also had training as a business consultant, spending several years supporting the education, corporate, not-for-profit and health sector clients, managers and executives regarding their practices and needs.

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I undertake continuing professional training with the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis:

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