Referral to Bita Psychology Hawthorn

Bita Riazati is a psychologist in Hawthorn. This is a psychoanalytically oriented practice accepting referrals for psychology from individuals and families. We don’t keep a wait-list and offer appointments when available. Make a booking

Bita Psychology
Bita Riazati Psychology is a clinical private practice in Hawthorn.

Referral to Bita Psychology Hawthorn

Availability at the Hawthorn Practice

valid medicare referral psychology in hawthorn
Bita Psychology is a clinical practice in Hawthorn. You can book directly.

Hawthorn psychology practice is currently accepting new patient referrals. Referrals can be directly from patients, general practitioners (GP), pediatricians, psychiatrists, colleagues and healthcare providers. We accept mental health care plans and disease management plans. Patients may be eligible for some rebates, however people are generally expected to pay for treatment in the long-term. We are not a bulk-billing practice.

Appointments may be available during the day or in the evening. Patients may bring a valid referral with them to their appointment.

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How do I book with the psychologist in Hawthorn?

You can directly book an appointment with the psychologist in Hawthorn. Your referral to me can be about discussing your diagnosis, treatment, a report or any administrative matter. I charge fees in Hawthorn. A rebate may be available if you present with a valid Medicare referral and mental health care plan.

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Psychological Referrals are Accepted at Bita Psychology Hawthorn

As an experienced psychologist in Hawthorn I accept referrals for individuals across the life span. My psychoanalytic understanding enables me to treat a wide range of difficulties and disorders stemming from trauma and attachment in childhood. Such as relationship and interpersonal conflicts, addictions, chronic anxiety, sexual issues, obsessive compulsive issues and depression.

In addition, I provide assessment and treatment to children and adolescents presenting with behavioral and emotional disorders.

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For Doctors Referring to the Psychologist in Hawthorn

Your patient is invited to contact my psychology practice in Hawthorn directly to book an appointment. I usually review the information from the booking and contact your patient to book the initial session.

As the referring doctor you can create a valid Medicare referral and mental health care plan and provide a copies to your patient. Medicare conducts regular audits with psychologists, so the checklist ensures compliance of this practice with Medicare rules.

This practice strictly follows the Better Access Initiative Services Australia guidelines.

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