Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Melbourne – Hawthorn Practice

From time to time we all experience stressors and traumatic events that impact us, and become the sources of anxiety and unmanageable stress for us. Therefore, finding a therapist who offers you a non-judgemental space to be heard becomes very important. You need to be able to speak as freely as you possibly can about the issues that are on your mind. This way we can work together in your development, with you being an active participant in your own treatment. As a psychologist I am specially trained to help you explore your concerns and life challenges openly and safely. As a psychoanalytically oriented therapist I can guide you to explore the contents and manifestations of your unconscious using a technique Freud developed called, free association.

Hopefully as our work progresses you might gain a level of knowledge about who you are, what you want, and how you negotiate overwhelming situations. Perhaps along the way you will learn something about what might be the sources of your pain and suffering.


Psychoanalytic Treatment

My treatment method is based on the clinical evidence from Lacanian psychoanalysis, which means the treatment is based on what emerges in language and in the analytic discourse. The focus of my clinical practice is on speech and what you say about yourself in the sessions. As the French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan’s famous statement was that, ‘the mind is structured like language’, and so for us to learn something about your unconscious desire, we need to listen to you speak as freely as possible. My job primarily is to listen and focus on your words to analyse, make connections, and identify things that might not have been obvious to you.

I had six years of clinical training in psychology, in addition to further training in psychoanalysis. I have had to undergo my own psychoanalysis for many years to become familiar with my own unconscious conflicts, defences, resistances and behaviours. I believe it is important for all therapists to undergo their own analysis to become familiar with their own unconscious mind, in order to provide a treatment that supports you and your development in the sessions. I also attend regular clinical supervision to discuss my treatment plans, and explore the clinical questions that emerges for me in my practice.