About Bita Riazati, MAPS

Bita Riazati is a Hawthorn based psychologist. She has over 15 years experience working in clinical and professional settings. Bita has a broad and diverse clinical interest and life experience. She is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Bita Riazati is a psychologist in Hawthorn.
BMm, GDipPsych, BAppScPsych(Hons), MA, MProfPsychpractice in Hawthorn, Melbourne. A member of psychoanalytically oriented psychologists of the APS, and member of IRAHP

Bita Riazati is a Psychologist in Hawthorn

I completed my clinical training in Melbourne and I have spent some of my life in Europe and the Middle East. I have worked in private and public health sector as well as in consultancy roles for many years.

I obtained a Graduate Diploma and a first Class Honours in psychology from University of Melbourne and RMIT. During this time I completed a thesis on the biomarkers of memory decline in Alzheimer’s disease with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

I have a Masters in Arts from Swinburne University. Furthermore I completed a thesis on the historical and cultural factors influencing social change in Afghanistan. Later I received my registration as a psychologist by completing a psychology Masters from the Cairnmillar Institute.

My desire lead my formation in clinical psychoanalysis where I undertook psychoanalytic studies with the ACP. This training has required a commitment to ongoing clinical supervision and many years of intensive and rigorous personal analysis with my own psychoanalyst.

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Professional Development

Other than supervision, I attend seminars with a number of centres including APS, CFAR and LCA. In addition I have presented my work at conferences and symposia in Melbourne. I am up to date with legal requirements and I can write reports for court. Moreover, I am a fluent speaker of Persian Farsi.

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Bita Riazati Offers Treatment Across the Lifespan at Psychology Hawthorn

I have extensive clinical experience in assessing and treating children and adolescents. I have worked as a clinician in schools and with NDIS offering assessment and treatment to children suffering from a wide range of behavioral and emotional disturbances. These include psychosis, autism, and attention disorders.

In my private practice I regularly work with families and parents who want to work thorough family dynamic issues. These issues may be precipitated by the birth of a new child, parental separation and divorce and other life events.

I have worked a clinician in adult mental health and addictions. Such as working with people suffering from personality issues, depression, trauma and drug or alcohol issues. In addition, I worked as a clinician within community mental health outpatient and outreach settings in Melbourne offering risk assessment and intervention.

My work has included idiosyncratic treatment planning within multidisciplinary teams for individuals referred from forensic services, hospital and asylum seekers services.

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