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COVID-19 & TELEHEALTH SERVICES: We continue to offer face-to-face clinical services to patients while following government guidelines. Patients with cold, flu or other COVID-19 symptoms, individuals who have recently returned from overseas, or those who have been directed to self quarantine may have sessions over the phone or via Zoom. Let’s discuss your individual requirements when we confirm your booking. 

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As a psychologist in Melbourne I work with individual adults, children and adolescents (6-16 years) as well as couples who come with a wide range of problems. These include: relationship, intimacy and interpersonal crises, stress, questions of identity, anger, loneliness, suicidality, sexual dysfunction problems and desire, addictions, anxiety disorders, depression, marriage and parenting, childhood sexual abuse as well as bipolar disorder, complex trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD, ADHD / ADD and attention issues. فارسی



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Psychologist psychoanalyst hawthorn persian farsiIf you are seeking an appointment with me please use the online booking form.  Requests for appointments are usually responded to within one business day. The information that you provide informs my engagement with you. For all other enquiries please leave a message 0433 781 919.


Bita Psychology Clinical Services

I am a psychologist in Hawthorn and my services are the following:

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Our Work and the Process

Bita Riazati Psychology  is a psychologist in Hawthorn offering psychological interventions and psychoanalytic therapy at her private practice consulting rooms. Psychoanalysis is a practical treatment method that focuses on the unconscious processes and conflicts which may result in dissatisfaction with life and mental health problems. Bita may also use trauma informed psychotherapy, Interpersonal and psychoanalytic practices for personality issues, anger, relationship crises, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, complex trauma and a wide range of other disorders and problems. She may utilise family systems and psychodynamic play therapy for work with children. Sessions are on a weekly basis and may involve ongoing or longer term work. Due to the complexity and nature of the issues I frequently treat, my patients may attend once or more during the week. The treatment plan is dependant on and considers carefully each person’s particular needs, risk factors, psychosocial factors, psychological or other presenting issues. Treatment is recommended based on a thorough assessment process of exploring various aspects of your history, including your difficulties, interests, wants and needs in the initial interview sessions.

This inner Melbourne psychology practice is only a short distance from the Melbourne CBD and the eastern suburbs.

This inner Melbourne psychology practice is respectful to the needs of individuals from diverse cultures and belief systems, and those from the LGBTIQ community.


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Psychologist Melbourne: My approach is tailored to each individual, which is achieved by listening carefully to you speak. Therefore each treatment engagement is based on your specific situation, issues and needs.


Who do I see

Psychologist Hawthorn. Melbourne Psychologist. Psychoanalytic Therapist.

Psychologist in Hawthorn: I work with individuals across the lifespan as well as the family More about Bita

I work with individuals across the life span, couples and families who may be experiencing addictions, life crises, trauma, loss, debilitating anxiety, anger, persistent depression, panic and struggles with identity after a life changing event. Such events may be a career change, adoption, a miscarriage, migration, birth of a child, separation, divorce or death of a family member. Other concerns may relate to relationships, children’s well-being, parenting and the family. As a result, my desire is to support individuals suffering from a wide range of presenting issues and mental health concerns.

I have an interest in attention issues and offer therapy to individuals experiencing symptoms of  ADHD / ADD. I also offer treatment to individuals suffering from emotional problems, suicidal thoughts, identity, intimacy and sexual dysfunction or sex related concerns. My patients may be suffering from any of these issues or a combination of these concerns:


  • Grief, Loss
  • Addictions
  • Anxiety disorders / severe general and social anxiety / worrying
  • Panic attacks
  • Persistent depression and other mood disorders
  • Bipolar disorders type I and II
  • Anger
  • Existential issues and life transitions
  • Self-destructive behaviours
  • Sleep problems such as insomnia, nightmares
  • Psychosomatic and chronic pain
  • Obsessive compulsive issues (e.g, obsessive thoughts, compulsions)
  • Stress and self esteem problems (e.g., issues at work)
  • Identity and gender issues
  • Intimacy problems
  • Relationship and interpersonal difficulties
  • Sexuality, sexual dysfunction and desire
  • Complex trauma and post traumatic stress PTSD; for example precipitated by being subjected to sexual abuse or being the victim of violence
  • Family, child, adolescent and parenting concerns
  • Children’s difficulties at school (e.g, attendance, separation anxiety, inattentiveness, friendships, educational performance issues)
  • Attention and concentration (i.e., child and adult ADD / ADHD)
  • Attachment and childhood developmental problems (e.g., Asperger’s syndrome)
  • Migrant, refugee and asylum seeker’s issues

As a PTSD psychologist in Melbourne, I often accept referrals funded under TAC , Victims of Crime and Work Cover injury claims. Please specify your claim number in the request form.

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Throughout our lives, particular events may trigger intense emotional reactions or crises. The way we respond to our problems has a lot to do with our childhoods. In addition to seeking resolution to your presenting crisis, I will also work with anyone who wants to know more about the deeper sources of his or her conflicts or distress using psychoanalysis.


Assessment and Reports

Mental Health Reviews and Reports for Court

Psychologists may be asked to write medico legal or psycho legal reports to form the basis of expert evidence in forensic settings, a legal hearing or tribunal. Solicitors may request from a PTSD psychologist to assess the psychological wellbeing, psychological injuries or impairment of an individual, diagnose, advise on treatment prognosis and recommend treatment options. In assessment reports I usually include some background information and psychological history, treatment progress, my clinical observations and opinion, recommendations, and whether there is need for further treatments or assessments.

Reports are usually charged at my hourly rate. Reports include:

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Students: If You are Struggling with Study

We can work together to understand your difficulties that may be impacting your mood, motivation and abilities to concentrate. Sometimes I can help by writing support letters for university or school. These recommendations may give relevant context to your problem. Please tell me about your specific needs when we speak.

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Booking an Appointment with Me

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I can usually offer the next available appointment, because I do not keep any wait-lists. Once we have spoken and agreed to work together, I can usually accommodate a session time. Sessions are weekly and my aim is to offer regular times so you can plan ahead and commit this time to therapy. Your engagement in the treatment process is an investment in your well-being and your learning. So I will work with you towards your psychological wellbeing, recovery, learning, improvement, invention and discovery.

I work Monday to Thursday 8 am to 9 pm, so I can offer day or evening appointments. However, my evening appointments are popular so please be prepared to initially attend a different time. Request an appointment with me using the online form or leave a message on 0433 781 919. I respond to form requests usually within a day. I look forward to hearing from you.


Psychologist Hawthorn: Directions to Bita Psychology

How to get there from Melbourne CBD, Richmond, Glenferrie, Kew, Abbotsford, Malvern, Kooyong, Camberwell, Glen Iris, Balwyn and Collingwood

My Hawthorn consulting room is near Melbourne CBD and easily accessible by car, tram or train from the inner melbourne areas or the eastern suburbs. The practice is a 12-minute walk from the Glenferrie train station (belgrave /Lilydale /Ringwood line) near Swinburne University Hawthorn campus, making it easy to get to from Richmond, Glen Iris, Kooyong and Camberwell. Glenferrie train station is four train stops from Melbourne Federation Square.

You can catch trams 109 (Port Melbourne to Boxhill line) or 48 (Docklands to North Balwyn line) from Melbourne CBD (Collins street) or from Richmond or by bus from Abbotsford and Collingwood. You can catch Tram 16 (Melbourne University to Kew line) from Kooyong or Glen Iris to my practice. There is free on-street car park available in front of Xavier College and Methodist Ladies College (MLC). Please check the relevant car park hours indicated on the street to make sure that you are parking on the correct side of the road.  Allow sufficient time to get to your sessions.

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