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Bita Riazati offers psychology and psychoanalysis in Hawthorn, Melbourne. M: 0433781919

Bita Riazati is a psychologist and psychoanalyst with practice rooms in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Bita works with children, adolescents and adults who suffer in life with psychological and bodily symptoms.

Hawthorn psychology: let’s explore what you want from a treatment with me.

Psychologist Hawthorn: BITA PSYCHOLOGY – Clinical Private Practice

I am a registered psychologist who had years of further clinical training in psychoanalytic therapy. Accordingly I offer assessment and treatment to people of all ages who come from different walks of life. I treat people from different cultures, upbringings and belief systems. When you attend therapy with me you are invited to speak freely in a space that is safe, private and non-judgemental. Your free flowing speech enables me to listen to everything that you can say about yourself and your situation with openness and curiosity. Consequently each therapeutic engagement is very personal and unique. All of these conditions offer a possibility to work through your emerging issues together in the sessions.

BITA PSYCHOLOGY is a boutique psychoanalytic practice in the leafy suburb of Hawthorn. She is a registered psychologist and a Lacanian psychoanalyst in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

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Therapeutic areas

I will work with anyone who wants to speak, to learn something about themselves and to work through presenting issues. With this in mind, I have named a few areas where I am most frequently contacted for treatment.

Bita Psychology is a clinical practice offering tailored psychological interventions and psychoanalytic therapy to individuals presenting with a range of problems.

People often see me for difficulties with intimacy, romantic relationships, or problems with professional relationships. Other areas consist of processing grief, loss, and exploring what might be behind the stress regarding one’s career choices. You might want to learn about the sources of your emotions such as frustration and anger.

Other problems might be distress arising from family relationships or past trauma. Moreover people tend to see me for personality traits or childhood factors that interfere with one’s daily life. These may present as chronic emptiness, thoughts of suicide, self worth, perfectionism and questions regarding one’s existence or identity.

People suffering with mental disorders such as bipolar, persistent depression, addictions, anxiety disorders and panic often refer to my practice. My psychoanalytic understanding enables me to work with you to elucidate a range of long-standing issues. These may involve family dynamics, separation, questions regarding one’s parenting style and children’s attachments.

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Psychologist in Melbourne

Referrals to BITA PSYCHOLOGY: Registered Psychologist Hawthorn. Psychoanalyst Melbourne

Bita may be able to offer an appointment during the day or in the evening.

A patient may bring a valid referral letter with them to their appointment. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that the referral letter is valid. For information on what constitutes a valid Medicare referral, refer to the checklist.

How do I book a consultation with the psychologist in Hawthorn?

New appointments can be requested with the psychoanalyst and psychologist in Hawthorn Bita Riazati by using the confidential self-referral form. Your referral to me can be about discussing your diagnosis, treatment, a report or any administrative matter. We can discuss your specific needs in a consultation. I charge consultation fees in Hawthorn but a rebate may be available if you present with a valid Medicare referral letter.

What referrals do you accept at the Hawthorn psychology practice?

As an experienced psychologist in Melbourne I accept referrals for people of all ages. Other than working with adults suffering from severe mental health conditions, I have also trained extensively in assessing and treating children and adolescents presenting with developmental disorders. I use highly tailored and scientific treatment plans considering relevant psychological interventions and treatments for a wide range of mental health concerns. Future patients can volunteer to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan and a valid Medicare referral letter from a GP to reduce the cost of treatment.

For doctors referring to BITA PSYCHOLOGY HAWTHORN:

Your patient is invited to contact my psychology practice in Hawthorn directly to request an appointment. I usually triage the information from the secure form and contact the patient. As the referring doctor you can create a valid Medicare referral letter, refer Medicare checklist, and provide a copy of the referral to your patient. Medicare conducts regular audits with psychologists, so the checklist ensures compliance of this practice with Medicare rules. As such this practice accepts no responsibility for inaccurate referrals.

Q&A: Do you accept a Mental Health Care Plan? Yes, review the details

If you are following up an inquiry please leave a detailed message with your full name ph (03) 6145 0176. Contact

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Our work and the process

Bita Riazati is a psychologist and psychoanalyst in Hawthorn clinical practice Melbourne, offering tailored psychological interventions and psychoanalytic therapy. Other than cognitive therapies, I had further clinical training and supervision in assessing and treating people suffering from enduring, persistent or severe psychiatric problems.

Psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic therapy is a practical assessment and treatment method used by a trained psychoanalyst who might have other qualifications in another registered health profession. Psychoanalytic treatments focus on exploring and understanding unconscious processes impacting a patient’s emotions, responses and behaviours in any given situation – in particular the analytic situation. In this mode of working together, regular sessions are needed in developing the conditions required for this form of exploration. The patient sets their own pace for the treatment by saying everything that comes into their mind during the sessions.

The setting for treatment is important. Duration of the regular session times in Lacanian psychoanalytic treatment varies depending on patient needs. These factors are considered by your therapist to help in creating the conditions in which a patient’s unconscious starts to do the work. As an active person in your own treatment you will be guided to reflect on your own thoughts, questions, behaviours, responses and saying more about them. A deep reflective process which may help you learn about yourself and taking responsibility for what you may want to do differently.

Furthermore psychoanalytic treatments explore mental conflicts resulting in anxiety, dissatisfaction with life and other persisting problems. Sessions are on a weekly basis and involve ongoing or longer term work. Because issues implicating one’s being such as loneliness, anger, grief, intense feelings of guilt, shame or emptiness often persist and repeat in different forms in a person’s life… Read More

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The therapeutic process

Psychoanalytic treatment is most efficacious when patients attend treatment sessions on a regular and consistent basis. This factor has already been given consideration in the fees. Furthermore, due to the longstanding nature, complexity and severity of the issues I frequently treat, patients may need to attend sessions once or more during the week. This is discussed on a case by case basis during the sessions with you. We will discuss the particular requirements together in your sessions as your treatment progresses.

The initial sessions

A treatment is recommended based on a thorough assessment process which may involve broadly exploring aspects of your personality and history in the preliminary interviews. For example your family history, including past relationships and your interests. The preliminary discussions offer us an opportunity to understand your particular difficulties. Such as issues in friendships, or with partners or issues at work with colleagues. During the sessions and over the course of your treatment together we will work to explore your presenting issues, concerns and risks as these emerge in therapy. You are encouraged to bring questions and reflections to your booked session time. We will discuss your initial thoughts, difficulties and the process in the first consultation.

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Throughout our lives, particular events may give rise to intense emotional crises, which may be painful or have great costs to our being, sense of well-being and our existence. We may work together to explore the sources of your difficulty or distress, and what you may want to do about it using clinical psychoanalysis.

Clinical Psychoanalyst Melbourne. Psychologist Hawthorn
clinical psychologist hawthorn bita riazati
For all new appointments with Bita Riazati refer BITARIAZATI.COM/BOOKING
The information that you provide in your self-referral informs the nature of my engagement with you.

Clinical assessments

Psychologists may be asked to write medicolegal or other clinical reports to form the basis of evidence in forensic settings, a legal hearing, a review or a tribunal. A psychologist may assess the psychological well-being, injuries or level of impairment of an individual. Sometimes I diagnose, advise on treatment prognosis and recommend on further treatment needs in reports. A need for a report can be discussed in a consultation, and all reports are charged at my hourly assessment fees. Please note that according to the GST rules, I am required to collect 10% GST on all assessment and treatment reports. Assessments may be undertaken in Persian as well as English.

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Psychologist Hawthorn: A boutique clinical private practice in the leafy suburb of Hawthorn Kew

Psychologist near Swinburne University Hawthorn Campus, Xavier and MLC Colleges, Glenferrie Road and Kew (Psychologist in Kew area)

Hawthorn is easily accessible from the Melbourne city, Richmond, Glenferrie, Kew, Abbotsford, Malvern, Kooyong, Camberwell, Glen Iris, Balwyn and Collingwood areas. There is free on-street parking available on Barkers Road near Xavier College and Methodist Ladies College. But check the parking hours indicated on the street. Patients are seen by appointment only. After you have submitted your details, I will contact you and confirm a time. When you arrive for your appointment, buzz the door bell exactly at the given time.

How to get here by public transport

The psychology practice in Kew, Melbourne is accessible by car, tram or train from the inner Melbourne areas or the eastern suburbs. The practice is a 12-minute walk from the Glenferrie station (belgrave /Lilydale /Ringwood line) near Swinburne University Hawthorn campus, making it easy to get to, from Richmond, Glen Iris, Kooyong and Camberwell. Glenferrie station is only four train stops from the Melbourne Federation Square. You can catch trams 109 (Port Melbourne to Boxhill line) or 48 (Docklands to North Balwyn line) from Melbourne CBD (Collins street) or from Richmond or by bus from Abbotsford and Collingwood. You can also catch Tram 16 (Melbourne University to Kew line) from Kooyong or Glen Iris to my practice. Victorian journey planner

This Melbourne psychology practice is respectful to the needs of individuals from diverse cultures and belief systems, and those with gender diverse LGBTI+ identifications.

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